Record Store Day 2019 / Balearic

There are box sets from 808 State and Art Of Noise, that are bound to contain desirable moments. But I ain`t heard them so I can`t say for sure. A Man Called Adam have that remix 12. Dub-Disco, Acid Jack, and percussive Kosmische. Reworks of their Farmarama LP, from Carrot Green, Prins Thomas, and themselves. 

silver apples RSD 2019

There’s also a Weatherall remix of Silver Apples on Enraptured, which has got to be worth checking out. There’s a regular RSD issue, then a bespoke one that features artwork from Andrew as well. 

dream baby dream RSD 2019

On a similar pioneering NYC electronics “tip” I`ll also be saving my yen for a 12” copy of Suicide`s seminal Dream Baby Dream, care of Mute, and, if you don’t already own it, you should investigate the original Punk Funk of Johnny Thunders` Cool Operator. His 1985 Que Sera Sera LP is being “resurrected” over four sides by Jungle. The same goes for the Prime Direct, blue, 45 repress of Davy DMX` One For The Treble (Fresh). Rude bass-line, RUN DMC scratches and all.  

spaced RSD 2019

Vintage Leftfield Disco comes from Cloud One. The Spaced Out compilation on P&P collects the hits of Patrick Adams solo studio project. The tracklist includes Loft Classic Atmosphere Strut, and the more Afro / Cosmic chug of Patty Duke. 

Re-discovered by both DJ Harvey, and LCD Soundsystem`s James Murphy around a decade ago, the infectious, Pop Boogie of Punkin Machine`s I Need You Tonight been in demand ever since. Unidisc will re-release it on Saturday, with Suzy Q`s cover version on the flip. 

soul mekanik RSD 2019

Soul Mekanik engineer some Wonky Disco of a more modern kind. Mind Fair`s Rogue Cat Sounds licensing the Maurice Fulton “freak-loving” mix of Go Upstairs from their 2005 album, Eighty-One. Coupling this with The Mekanik`s Balearic Burundi take on Martha & The Muffins` Echo Beach. Featuring Isabelle Antena on vocals. 

The Maghreban gets to grips with some classic House for Bigshot. The synth stabs from Landlord`s I Like It almost single-handedly started Rave when it was released in 1989. Their demand that you dance was inescapable during that Second Summer Of Love. The Canadian label have this monster remastered, and remixed by The Maghreban. Shaking a broken break-beat. Teasing with those stabs for a full five minutes, before radically deconstructing them. Rearranging them, perhaps, in tribute to the countless tunes that sampled them. Took those treated harpsichords and created Hardcore. 

More Organic is Kassav`s Love And Ka Dance. Heavenly Sweetness have expanded the Parisian Zouk band’s 1979 debut LP, into a double. Combining all the songs from the European and US releases. Another record Bill Laswell picked up for Celluloid in the mid-80s, the title track is an energetic eleven minute sing-a-long. Brass, chants, and crying Blues guitar. Riding a Going-Back-To-My-Roots piano riff.

The Average White Band do a damn fine take of Ned Doheny`s Get It Up For Love. Reissued on RSD 2019 as a 12 on their own AWB Records. I think the Scottish group were actually the first to cover the song. Ned being a friend, and sometime song-writing partner, of AWB guitarist Hamish Stuart. 

get carter RSD 2019

Of a mellower nature, there are scores from Jean-Claude Vannier (Le Bete Noire), Francois Roubaix (Les Levres Rouges) and Roy Budd. Budd did the music for Mike Hodges` Get Carter. Still probably the best British gangster film – unless you count Nic Roeg`s Performance – and definitely one of the best things Michael Caine has ever done. DJ Harvey used Budd`s Hallucinations as the closing track on his hugely influential Sarcastic Study Masters Volume 2 mix. The soundtrack was originally only available in Japan. Music On Vinyl will have it in shops globally on Saturday.  

lost in translation RSD 2019

Rhino repress the accompanying album to Sophia Coppola`s Lost In Translation. Packed with gems like Happy End`s Kaze Wo Atsumete, and Death In Vegas` Girls, the OG probably costs such a fortune due to the Kevin Shields songs (they are admittedly fucking great). The first he`d released since the breakup of My Bloody Valentine. But my favourite on there is Air`s fragile as sakura blossom Alone In Kyoto – something I first heard on a mix Diesel did for the DJHistory forum. The album`s now on violet vinyl, with Scarlett`s pants on the cover. My only complaint is that the opportunity should have been taken to spread the sixteen tracks out over four sides. 

silent movie RSD 2019

There’s also a fresh chance to grab a copy of Quiet Village`s imagined score, Silent Movie – a collection of the duo’s Library Music inspired edits – on K7!

obey the time RSD 2019

In 1990, Factory billed Durutti Column`s Obey The Time as Vini Reilly`s “Acid House” album. Recorded as it was to the rhythm of drum machines, and in the shadows of the Hacienda, Baggy, and Madchester. Don’t go expecting arms-in-the-air piano anthems. The atmospherics, the blue string line, and languid wah-wah of Home though could have come from pitched-down Deep House. Plus there are pianos on the dubbed-out Spanish Reggae. Factory Benelux have the album repackaged with a live set recorded the same year. 

There’s more Dub from The NJE (Near Jazz Experience). A three piece led by “Punk” trumpeter / saxophonist Terry Edwards. Who`s collaborated with Tom Waits, PJ Harvey, and crime novelist Derek Raymond. Covered The Clash, The Damned, The Sex Pistols, The Jesus & Mary Chain, and The Fall . He`s joined by Madness bassist, Mark Bedford, and drummer Simon Chatterton. Hot Chip`s Alexis Taylor co-produced the original LP, Afloat, and one Adrian Sherwood performs an ON-U Sound unravelling. I can’t wait to hear their interpretation of Hendrix` Voodoo Chile. 

music for dreams RSD 2019

Undeniably “Balearic” is Music For Dreams RSD 2019 six-track sampler. White Isle veteran, DJ Pippi, welding a strummed Spanish guitar. Mike Salta Samba-ing with loon birds and sighing synths. The Swan And The Lake conducting a sunset symphony. Troels Hammer`s beautiful, melancholy marriage of gentle idiophone chimes and Clara Valente`s sad siren. Nordso & Theill`s fantastic, tabla-tastic, Flamenco. Phil Mison and guitarist Jonas Krag paying homage, as Ambala, to the sophisticated Euro Pop of Mike Francis and William Pitt.

CMG have a vinyl pressing of Paddy McAloon`s acoustic reading of Prefab Sprout`s Steve McQueen. Brilliant versions that were only released a part of a limited “Legacy” CD edition of the classic album. While it`s hard to convey how important the original is to me, listen to Bonny, and tell me that you don’t need it. 

All of this vinyl will be available from terrestrial outlets only, on Record Store Day, Saturday, April 13th.


Air – Alone In Kyoto – Rhino

Quiet Village – Pillow Talk – K7!

Ambala – Morning Lights – Music For Dreams

Nordso & Theill – Castanos Azules – Music For Dreams

Roy Budd – Hallucinations – Music On Vinyl

Durutti Column – Spanish Reggae – Factory Benelux

Lonnie Liston Smith – Quiet Moments – Columbia

Isley Brothers – Footsteps In The Dark – Epic

Shuggi Otis – Inspiration Information – Epic

Peddlers – On A Clear Day – Epic

Candy Bowman – Since I Found You – RCA

Average White Band – Get It Up For Love – AWB Records

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