Max D / Many Any / 1432R

Digidub rhythms, ON-U and Tapes, pushed into asymmetric Funk shapes. Electro charging at an urgent clip. 808 booming, Linn drum popping. Organ stabs cut from New Age swells. Hip Hop chopped up in House time. Looped flashes of Fender Rhodes. Syncopated circuit chatter. Frantic. Like Kraftwerk`s Tour De France on EPO. Fidgeting on a freshly oxygenated transfusion. Downtempo moments are an abstract dance of Techno keys and mischievous malfunction. All of it improvised fusions of technology being toyed with, and tested, live. Forced into directions it wasn’t designed to go, with an irreverent respect for any influences (perhaps betraying Max` Punk Rock roots). For example, ratcheting Basic Channel`s Berlin Dub up to +8. Many Any is Industrial machines making an Industrial Jazz. 

I`m not sure if Shoutout To Seefeel is a salute to the classic Shoegaze band (famously remixed by Aphex Twin), but there are icy, reverb-ed guitars in amongst the aquatic bounce of its beats. 

The Ambient interlude, Snow Melting, had me thinking of a story someone told me recently, concerning a flexi-disc recording of DJ Sotofett.

You can purchase Max D`s Many Any directly from Washington label 1432r. 

Reference Links



Tour De France

Basic Channel


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