Thunder Tillman / Condor Sunflower / ESP Institute

Thunder Tillman`s Condor Sunflower is an E.P. of Electronic Surf Psyche, from Sweden. Imagine Connan Mockasin gone Sarcastic Disco. To my ears at least, their new record on ESP Institute slots in somewhere alongside Eddie Ruscha`s tropical psychedelics, and Helado Negro`s smile therapy Pop.

The title track begins as a slow tribal stomp. With the West Coast harmonies of Tillman, and his guru / life coach, joined in wordless song. Dulcimers nicked from the menage a trois scene in Donald Cammell`s Performance. Woodwinds circling like birds of prey. Its rhythm eventually reaching a gallop, to the twang of a Post-Punk b-line. Svava opens as a sleepy Beach Boys prayer. As eccentric as either Brian or Dennis. Then segues into Brazilian rhyme. The epic Creation Discotheque chugs Afro and Cosmic. Banging a marimba. Slapping its bass. Machines whistling, mimicking melodica, while the duo chant a mantra. Rock riffs rouse rabbles, before the final two minutes, of its total of eleven, race at twice the tempo. Motoring to Motorik. 

You can order a copy of Thunder Tillman`s Condor Sunflower E.P. directly from ESP Institute. 

Reference Links

Connan Mockasin

Sarcastic Disco

Eddie Ruscha

Helado Negro


Brazilian rhyme

Motoring Motorik

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