Mix / Phil Mison live at Hostel La Torre, Ibiza, 2019.05.04

What a post-Golden Week gift. Ibiza`s Hostel La Torre have recovered from a recent fire, and are back in business. I know Nancy Noise was there last week, and now Phil Mison`s kindly sent over part of his set from Saturday just gone. Its certainly taken the edge off my re-started school run – which at the moment seems to be accompanied, in our house at least, by stamping feet and much shouting of “Yada”. Not only from me. 

I recognized four tunes, so if folks want to build a track-list in the comments I`d be more than very happy. 

There’s plenty of Pop. From Argentina, Brazil, and Italy. Both vintage and modern. There’s a Peruvian cover of a Columbian classic. There’s English stuff, sung to a Spanish strum. Orchestrated Disco comes with sweeping strings. Soulful vocals are backed by chiming microtones. The Hip Hop is full of classy Jazz swing. There’s a fretless bass-ed beauty. A fusion of birdsong, keys and woodwind. A flash of Flamenco magic. Satie with tabla, and breakbeats. A Slow-hand Soft Rock skank, featuring THAT Balearic acoustic guitar sound (the one on City Lights, and lifted by Electra). Tremelo`d electrics. There’s a funky French lovers tryst. An ode to the night. A sighing and scatting sunset serenade, and sunkist Afro-Boogie. The Wailers get made over as wah-wah-ed Blaxploitation Funk. There’s Deep House from Black Havana, and something flute-y and fruity from Happy Mondays at their most filthy. Shaun, Mr. Ryder getting sax-y.

Phil at Hostel La Torre copy

Lovely photo by Pete Gooding.

Hostel La Torre have Volume 3 of their compilation series, good to go. But more on that later…

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