John Di Stefano / For The Moment / Concentric Circles 

Concentric Circles` For The Moment collects music from the recordings of John Di Stefano. Pieces produced, some self-released, by the former Bay Area percussionist during the 1980s and 1990s.  The compilation`s eight tracks demonstrating the breadth of the now Japan-based Di Stefano`s musical interests and passions. From the bright chiming synthetic symphony of Three Moon Reflection. To the haunting reverb, psychedelia and song of The Rain On The leaves. A career that has taken in time working in theatre and with San Francisco`s “four interior decorators of the apocalypse”, The Residents. 

Compos Mentis is all echoed hand drums. Nyabinghi played at the bottom of a well. The titular For The Moment blasts Cold Wave Electro with drama and sirens. I was reminded of Richard Bone`s Mutant Wisdom. Nuage creates a dense jungle habitat, a Fourth World fog, both hypnotic and immersive, from gamelan bowl hits and busy chattering circuits. The circular loop of Ng`s Office shares similarities with the solo sonics of fellow Post-Punk rhythm killer, Liquid Liquid`s Dennis Young. The ringing melodies on Culture Schlock betray Di Stefano`s studies of Indian music theory. Resembling the World Music fusions of Jasper Van`t Hof`s Pili Pili and Monsoon`s Indipop. Knocking At My Door is Electronic Rock & Roll.Its Beat poetry, NYC`s Mudd Club beatnik / artnik. Imagine Bob Chance getting down with The Jellies. Jiving, baby, on a Saturday night.

You can order a copy of John Di Stefano`s For The Moment directly from Concentric Circles. 

john di stefano art back

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