Alphonse / Stolen Sunrise / Emotional Especial 

Alphonse`s Moan Up could be a play on the term “Scream Up”. Since the track pays homage to the Italian House of the early 1990s. All be it the cooler end of things, rather than the arms-in-the-air Rave-y gear. “Sueno” templates established by names such as Don Carlos and Keytronics Ensemble. Birdsong, ethereal sighs and chimes, combine with bass rumble and the tribal tempos of New York label, Bottom Line. Synths whistling like a Last Rhythm, or Mr Knuckles` collaboration with flautist Paul Shapiro. 

A House of Calypso constructed from snatches of strings and piano. ON-U via Andrew Weatherall sound effects and sampled, “turned on” dialogue. Its narrator`s LSD-like revelations describing music as becoming a physical object, while seeing through the negativity and fallacy of Capitalist Realism’s drives and ambitions. They are only distractions and obstacles. 

White Pepper keeps the Italian “feel”. Coming on like cheeky Adriatic take on Trevor Horn`s Zang Tumb Tuum Pop. Kinda smashing together Propganda`s Duel and their Dream Within A Dream. Harp glissando, Fairlight angels running through scales and a huge, treated, Rock guitar solo. Classic “Balearic” sax. As epic as a Frankie Goes To Hollywood 12” mix. 

Ambient reworks accompany both tracks. Removing the drums. Artfully weaving and building the remaining elements. 

You can order a copy of Alphonse`s Stolen Sunrise E.P. directly Emotional Especial. 

Reference Links

Don Carlos

Keytronics Ensemble 

Bottom Line

Last Rhythm

Mr Knuckles

On-U Via Andrew Weatherall


Dream Within a Dream

A 12” Mix

3 thoughts on “Alphonse / Stolen Sunrise / Emotional Especial 

  1. Musica fantastica Bellissima. Le informazioni che dai sono buone, mi piace quello che dici e c’è musica che non ascolto o suono da molto tempo 😀👍


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