Dazion / A Bridge Between Lovers / Second Circle

Second Circle continue to temper their contemporary tribal sound. Following on from Yu Su`s near-Ambient Roll With The Punches, they have a new E.P. from Dutchman Dazion which is far less full-on than his previous release for the Music From Memory offshoot. 

The opening Eu Ñao Sei is a collaboration with Portugese vocalist Paulo. An update of Italian Dream House tropes (see also Alphonse`s recent 12 on Emotional Especial), where flights of seabirds inhabit a sunset / sunrise lullaby of bongos, handclaps, and a 303 bass-line. Portuguese is a beautiful language. 

Eberhardt Smurkface is Dub Oven-esque playful Post-Punk Electro. Featuring Art Of Noise sprites scatting. Like Max Headroom doing George Kranz` Din Daa Daa, or a vamp on Kraftwerk`s Tour De France. Accompanied by sax, and Rock-it scratches. It reminds me a bit of Die Zwei`s Grapsch. 

Big 80s House pianos drive Sake Boogie City. Funky guitar picking, vocoder and whistling synth have it dancing – somewhere between the emotive Italo of Expansives` Life With You and Joe Smooth`s Promised Land. With a bit of Man Parrish`s Boogie Down Bronx thrown in. 

On the flip, Bond Of Souls is more abstract, Industrial. Percussion clanking while an Ai choir – moody and gothic – create a machine-made monastic moment. Children’s voices echoing though its wheezing and heaving, weighty ceremonial beat. 

The title track contains electronics reminiscent of William Orbit`s Strange Cargo. To a clatter of computerized castanets, hand-drums, live bass, and Spanish guitar colour a kind of New Beat Flamenco. Riding to Rio, after dark.  

The closer, Dad Forgot The Dishes, consciously or not, nods to Jan Schulte`s “water” remixes of Jose Padilla`s Solito. The E.P.`s most dance-able minutes, it recycles the washing-up, pots and pans for timbales. Half-filled bottles for a marimba. Fusing these “found sounds” with Planet-Rocking strings shot in from outer space and Freestyle, Danceteria, Funhouse, synth riffs. 

You can order vinyl here, and digital here. 

Reference Links

Dub Oven

Max Headroom

George Kranz



Die Zwei


Joe Smooth

Man Parrish

William Orbit


Planet Rock

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