George Earnest & Der Opium Queen / Time Heals All Wounds / Echovolt

“Can I ask you kind of a weird question?

People say that time heals all wounds

But I still feel like a deer in the headlights of love

She was the queen of the universe, her waves parted, they engulfed me

And the water was warm

Honey, you’ve got a big storm comin’

I don’t need friends, they just disappoint me

And I can’t stand it when she touches me

Can you see the statue of liberty from here?”

The four cuts here commemorate a romance gone wrong. Two dancing away the heartache. Two drum free. All synthetic rave rushes, and ambient washes. Ultralush is European techno that takes its trance cues from Detroit. Its skipping rhythm tethering tripp-y spinning sonic shapes. Evolving analogue expressions, that peak with laser blasts and an electrical storm. Seagulls is a steel-pan-toned serenade. Filled with field-recorded tropical fauna, and yesterday’s laughter. Like a holographic keepsake from a Caribbean honeymoon. Rainy Day is a post-electro, mid-tempo, swinging, robotic rattle. Blessed with beatific, blissed-out bleeps. Time Heals All Wounds checks into Heartbreak House. Its Chicago boompt and jazzy keys offset by broken beat poetry (see above) and faux flutes crying. Its over-riding message, 

“Everybody gets knocked down…but just how quick are you gonna get up?”

You can order a copy directly from Echovolt.

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