Waclaw Zimpel / Massive Oscillations / Ongehoord

Wigged-out electronics of a more meditative kind can be found on Waclaw Zimpel`s Massive Oscillations. The Polish composer`s 6th LP is exactly that. Epic modular landscapes of interlocking arpeggios and drone. Synthesized on antique generators, sequencers, and tape-recorders. Pitch-shifted, accelerating, like racing engines. Sirens sounding as they approach flight velocity. Free-jazz skronk emerging from the buzz-saw soundbath. Treated reeds combining with new age healing harmonics. Flowing in fresh-water-like textures. Summoning solar-winds. A modern 4th world fog. Anyone remember Thermoderm`s Radium Writes Its Signature? Well imagine that lost inside say, the sine waves of Trevor Jackson’s Dark Eyed They Were And Golden Eyed. The heavy techno arrhythmia of the 16-minute Random Odds sending out shockwaves – that rumble, and gather momentum like a kosmische express. Playing on Bleep. Spinning into moments of Orb-esque psychedelia. 

The closing, Release, is an extended peace of organic tranquility. In marked contrast to the 3 previous mainly machine-made deep inner space explorations. Its chiming created by a “guitar object” fashioned by renowned radial instrument designer Yuri Landman. Meaning it`s impossible to tell if its strings are plucked or struck. The sonic sensation somewhere between Americana and chamber music. A fortified folk jam. Exalted by hushed ethereal angels. Grounded by industrial hum and bass boom. 

You can purchase a copy directly from Dutch label Ongehoord. 

Reference Links

Radium Writes Its Signature

Dark They Were And Golden Eyed

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