North Satellite / A Rising Sign / Startree

North Satellite is Seatle-raised, Brooklyn-based musician, Eugene Tambourine. If you’re of a balearic bent then you might have heard of Eugene before. In 2016 he released a 12, on Tim “Love” Lee`s Tummy Touch, that caused quite a stir. On one side was a pop-reggae cover of Inner City’s rave anthem, Good Life, and on the other was an interpretation of a Laurie Anderson song. Eugene lifted The Blue Lagoon from Laurie’s Bill Laswell-produced 1983 LP, Mister Heartbreak, and reinvented it as bumping, clanking, downtempo dance. Now working with Darshan Jesrani, out of Darshan`s Bhakti Box studio, Eugene has revisited the song again, this time as Le Lagon Noir – translating the OG`s existentialist love letter into French, 

J’aimerais que tu sois ici” instead of “Wish you were here”, 

and further smoothing its groove. This fresh 2020 take moves the music even closer to the new wave tropical sound of Wally Badarou, Sly Dunbar, Barry Reynolds, and Robbie Shakespeare – Island Records` Compass Point All-Stars. Sonically synthetic, but organically flowing. 

There are 3 further tracks on the E.P., 2 of them sort of electro-sambas. On the surface, gentle, almost beatless, but packing a significant sub-bass punch. A Rising Sign features the zest of a zither`s zing. Keep My Light is not a song as such, but repeats its mantra “I`ll keep a light on” like mission statement for universal love and hope. The closing Love Is On The One IS a song – lyrically accomplished and sung – by Yevhen Bubon –  in the West Coast dude mode of Woolfy and Quinn Lamont Luke. Try imagining an electro-boogie Michael Franks or Ned Doheny.

Northern Satellite`s A Rising Sign E.P. is forthcoming on Startree. You can listen and buy over at Juno

Reference Links
Compass Point All-Stars
Quinn Luke
Michael Franks
Ned Doheny

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