E-Talking / Techno Man`s Land / Going Good

Techno Man`s Land, by French DJ / producer, E-Talking, aka Nummer`s Emmanuel Corre, is a further flashback to the machine music of the mid-1990s. One significantly less ambient than Music From Memory’s Virtual Dreams, although it does have its mellower moments – like the beatless swirl of Hyperawareness, or the unsettling, slightly off-kilter angels of Angstrom`s synthesized celestial choir, or A Sinuous Dream, which sounds like Shibuya Station at rush-hour, in slow, slow-motion. Then there`s the new age soundscape that forms the foundation of A New Language – broken by beats which revisit the “Amen Business” of LTJ Bukem and the like-minded artists who assembled around his legendary Good Looking label and Speed club nights. But in the main – there are 15 tracks here – this is an album of shadowy electro, hammered out on the Devil`s Anvil. Dark stringed, sinister, suburban night-stalking, themes decorating the bruising collisions, of military, weaponized snares, and serious warped bass wobbles. Gated sirens sounding the alarm amidst its metallic recoil. Fizzing with electricity, and jumping sparks. Demonic details submerged in the deep aquatic bubbles, and machined-marimba mambos. Gurgling, twisted, ominous obsidian oscillations and arpeggios, converging in complex configurations. Sea snakes and quakes, dodging sonar, mine and missile detonations at Drexycian depths. Even the slower, groovy, gear – which pops and percolates – threatens with acidic menace. 

e talking going good

Other techno touchstones, and reference points, include Jeff Mills and Rob Hood`s X-103 project. The nods to their seminal 1993 long-player, Atlantis, an excuse to bring in more maritime metaphors, and, in doing so, name-check Dave Angel`s classic, Jellyfish – spinning at +16 on Dave`s customized decks. Also present is Red Planet`s star-dancing rush. It`s there in E-Talking`s pummeling, pulsating, peak-time pieces. Flash Of Resurgence for example, where fractured piano chords – Sci-Fi shards – arcade game bleeps, and syncopated laser blasts, offset the deceptively warm, jazz-informed funk. 

e talking going good

You can order E-Talking`s Techno Man`s Land directly from Going Good Records. 

Reference Links
LTJ Bukem
Devils Anvil
Suburban Knight
Red Planet

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