Lady Blackbird / Collage Remixes

Lady Blackbird is still teasing with singles and remixes while we await her debut long-player, Black Acid Soul. The most recent reworks being those of the track, Collage. The original is beautiful in its own right. A careful arrangement of piano, cymbals, bells, contrabass, and of course, that amazing voice – that wise, soaring, ache – delivering a song that seems concerned with the close of day, missed chances and regret. Ruminating on the basic need to find shelter with a soulmate – someone to help filter the fake news – a balancing voice of reason to fend off the fear – whilst wrapped up in the wonder of the seasons – their circular rhyme.

Greg Foat steps up and performs like a whole team of seasoned session men – crafting a smoothly psychedelic KPM-esque gem, packed with breaks, bongos and acoustic strum. A little bit Ennio Morricone, and a little bit all those Library obscurities that Air used to emulate. 

Taking the tune in a completely different direction, Bruise send it big ballroom dancing. Hammering out huge gospel pianos and giving it a hefty 4 /4 kick – supplementing the groove with shuffling percussive fills, while the bass takes the shape of stabbing orchestral strings. Adding brass after the breakdown, and using delay to devastating effect. As with their own recent 12, the results recall Terence Parker’s classic, emancipating Detroit soul, and somehow manage to sound simultaneously slick and sophisticated, and raw and blues-y. 

You can purchase all of Lady Blackbird`s singles and remixes here. 

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Terrence Parker

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