Torn Sail Versus Shrinkwrap / Sun Sea Sound

The duo of Mark Rayner and Matt Horobin, aka Shrinkwrap, rework 2 tunes by their spar, Huw Costin, aka Torn Sail, for Chris Galloway`s new label, Sun Sea Sound. First, transforming Gain On Gains into a serene stretch of glitch and fizz. Nearly 12 minutes of The Beach Boys versus Fennesz. Huw`s choir boy harmonies – like Jeff Buckley, or Fleet Foxes, doing their best Crosby, Stills, and Nash – slow dancing out amongst dark stars. His guitar and piano dissected to the rhythm of a tender, temperate tide. The ebbing and flowing aligning your crystals for a float in inner space. The bottom-end rudely belching, something of the Jon & Vangelis-es about its now epic, effervescent, sort of prog ambience. Imagine Pink Floyd wishing you were here, if they were on ZTT. Every detail reflected, refracted, in a dizzying musical maze. Going full-on psychedelic, kaleidoscopic, as the song hits its increasingly trippy final phase. Spinning backward, before entering a coda of isolated keys. It`s a gentle but wild ride, man. 

Torn Sail Shinkwrap

Flip that over for the pair`s deconstruction of Disconnected, which plants acoustic, plaintive, picking over diced, loose, limber, dislocated funk. Huw`s space-rocking, shoegazing, electric 6-strings singing like an aquatic mammal in love. DMT deep, pressing all the right peyote buttons, delivering some 21st Century, acid-fried, folk.  

The Shrinkwrap reworks of Torn Sail`s Gain On Gains and Disconnected are out now on Sun Sea Sound.


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