A Certain Ratio /  Loco Remezclada / Mute

A Certain Ratio`s Loco Remezclada is an extensive new remix project. Across six sides of vinyl, a total of thirteen artists rework tracks from the hugely influential Mancunian band`s latest LP, ACR Loco, plus an emotional standout from one of their trio of recent E.P.s. As I type, over half of the package remains under wraps – the labours of the likes of Finger Tips, Lou Hayter, The Lounge Society, Sprechen`s Chris Massey and Muddy Feet, The Orielles, and SYT, are still closely kept secrets – but I can share a few words about what I’ve heard, what’s been made public, so far. 

Both Skream and Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy transform Always In Love and Berlin, respectively, into stadium-sized, synth pop. The former is pounding, and full of frantic rhythm guitar. The vocals recalling ACR classic, The Big E. Cosmo`s revision is significantly more stripped back, gradually building to an explosive, highly strung finale. Its arpeggios pumping somewhere between Giorgio Morroder and italo disco, it had me thinking of Ewan Pearson`s take on Depeche Mode`s Enjoy The Silence – a favourite at David Mancuso`s legendary Loft parties. Each is equally designed for festival fireworks. There’s an ACR tour of the UK, plus a few dates in France, starting tomorrow, November 3rd. Trust me, if you can, catch the band live. They righteously rocked a pre-pandemic Japan. 

ACR Loco Remezclada

WARP`s Lonelady turns Bouncy Bouncy into squelchy squelchy, Zapp-like p-funk. Peppering its rap, en français, with go-go percussion. Mute`s MAPS gives Get A Grip a stoned, psychedelic makeover – cowbell-ed and wah-wah-ed, while cascading keys and showering sequences clamber through dubwise dissolves to reach a climatic crescendo. Down & Dirty started life as jam from ACR`s unfortunately last session with singer, Denise Johnson, who very sadly passed prematurely on July 27th, 2020. “Mr. Dan” Carey adds muscular, bionic, slapped bass, and clipped brass blasts, as the assembled machines wig out under the serious weight of the groove. 

Red Snapper alumni, Number, retro fit Taxi Guy with a scratchy, 6-string, jangle, characteristic of the ACR of old – a flashback to the angular post-punk-jazz-funk that made the group famous, riddled with short rapid fire shots of staccato sax. To be honest, of the half dozen tunes trailered to date, this is my pick, but then I am – I`ll admit – a nostalgic old git. 

A Certain Ratio`s Loco Remezclada is released this Friday, November 5th, by Mute.

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