Ban Ban Ton Ton X The Chillout Tent 

We don’t really do short posts, but this is a quick heads-up about a new collaboration between Ban Ban Ton Ton and The Chillout Tent. 

Created by Chis “Melodica” Coco and Matt Nearest Faraway Place” Scott, “The Tent” is global concern, that aims to bring together musically likeminded souls from all over. During the peak of the pandemic, they somehow managed to coordinate broadcasts of live performances from around the world – like a globe-trotting balearic DJ relay. 

They continue to organize events, and curate and commission video and audio content. I know that they have big plans. Chris contacted me about contributing to their associated blog, and it was an honour to be asked to help out. 

To begin with they’ve agreed to host posts linked to my weekly FM radio show, The Remedy. I offered to kind of type-up the “script”. If you’ve ever listened to the show, you`ll have guessed that isn’t really a script as such, but I do go into the studio with a few scribbled notes. Honest.

So if on Ban Ban Ton Ton you run out of suggestions for music to listen to, click on the link here, and you’ll find a few more. There are a few things that we’ve covered but also dusty stuff that for whatever reason I`ve pulled from the shelves, and also packages that my poor overworked postman has just delivered. Selections accompanied by the usual, hopefully informative, ramblings.

This week, The Durutti Column`s Fidelity would be a good “for instance”…

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