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What began life as a series of mysterious, anonymous, edits has now blossomed into a double LP of originals, recorded by a full band. I, for one, certainly wasn’t expecting that. The quartet are mixed and produced by two White Isle residents, who met during a jazz night held at Pike`s Hotel. Completed in only a couple of sessions, the tracks are titled simply after locations, such as Beach and Forest, and times of the day, from Morning to Night, letting the imagination of the listener have full sway.

Drums are tough, head-nodding, heavily hip hop-influenced. Recreating (ultimate) breaks and beats. Cymbals shimmering, the syncopated swing mimicking the romance of the sampled crashing and rolling surf. The electric keys, in contrast, are soft, and warm. There’s plenty of Mediterranean acoustic picking, and saxes soar and swoon – singing sultry songs of bucolic, clear, cloudless skies. A trumpet blowing a Kind Of Blue summer breeze, above the heat-stroked fusion. There are vibes solos, gentle wah-wah ripples and, on Playa, suggestions of steel pans. The conga`d and bongo`d grooves in places reference both `90s Acid Jazz, and `80s Brit-Funk, so fans of Brownswood`s STR4TA and Secret Night Gang should really take note. Cielo is a latin carnival caper that sees them reach out into terrific 22a / Ruby Rushton terrain. Make no mistake, these people can fucking play. 

Tarde is the closest the album ever comes to a straight forward four-to-the-floor. Its live but forceful kick driving a dizzying disco delight, full of Philly-esque soul and strings, that folks into Mildlife will want to check. The track also showcases come seriously cool clipped guitar. The Balearic pièce de résistance though is the closing number, Noche – a beatless bit of Nu Yorcian boogaloo that sonically seduces like someone spinning Miles` Sketches Of Spain over a samba reprise of Tuilio de Piscopo`s Stop Bajon. Throughout, Ben Westbeech does a brilliant job of capturing everything, with a magical mix that makes it feel as if you’re there in the room as they laid it down. 


Jazz N Palms` Ses Rodes will be released on June 24th. You can order a copy here. 

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