A Mountain Of One / Star / Amore

Star is my favourite track from A Mountain Of One’s stunning sophomore album, Stars Planets Dust Me. A love song concerned with the eternal, universal, search for a soulmate, the impassioned piece has now been picked out for release as a single, receiving some quality remixes in the process. 

For starters, man of the moment, Andy Bell*, in his GLOK guise, delivers a smart severely stripped back dub. Reducing the vocals to just an echoed chorus, snares rattling above a bottom-end heavy chug. Slowly introducing fragments of funky rhythm guitar and a very Balearic collaged go-go-not-go-go break / beat. Reversing proceedings by finally climaxing with the original`s Bruce Hornsby-esque piano intro. 

The mysterious Yo Miro fuses feverish flickering frequencies with Nathan Haines` gently fluttering flute. Although racing, their combined caress comes across like an electronic lullaby, haunted by harp-like glissando, before a galloping 4 / 4 takes the tune trance-dancing. 

Finally Arveene snaps the track to a post-Soul II Soul shuffle. Making the most of the song`s Balearic pop potential, while creating a kinda jazz-funk groove. The acidic b-line, at least initially, squelching away like James Mason’s seminal Sweet Power Your Embrace. 

A Mountain Of Ones Star will  be released by Amore, on July 29th. 

*Do yourself a favour and check Andy’s recent rocking collaboration with Pye Corner Audio, Let`s Emerge!, on Sonic Cathedral, and also watch out from some forthcoming fantastic GLOK remixes by Hardway Bros and Richard Sen, due on Ransom Note`s Bytes. 

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