Greg Foat / Psychosynthesis (Crooked Man Remixes) / Foundation Music

The Crooked Man is the next hired talent to get his crooked hands on Greg Foat`s already fabulous Psychosynthesis, and the results are far from straight forward, or conventional, house. Crafting a heavy, mind-fucking, intro of bleeps, scything old school Chicago high-hats and cyborg hand-claps – the latter, caught in crashing, devastating, delay – elements of Greg’s original gradually emerge. The squiggly synths, and the romantic orchestration – which could be a play on Robert Mellin and Gian-Piero Reverberi`s Robinson Crusoe theme tune (again). The cycling symphonic arrangement now also nodding toward Mayday`s monumental, seminal, sci-fi strung rave classic, and the effect instant, euphoric, ecstatic. Its a modern epic, arms-in-the-air moment, for sure. 

Relentless, this remix honestly just doesn’t let up. Constantly climbing for its entire seven-minute duration. The big heartbeat-like bass kind of at odds with everything else racing. Causing some significant disorientation, as your brain bounces back and forth between it and the rushing instrumentation. The climax comes in the shape of some additional keys, which soar to a Patrick Adams-esque freak-out finale. Higher than any mountain, into space, and infinity. There`s a second mix, set to a stuttered, skeletal electro rhythm, whose stops, starts, and breakdowns, serve to further show off the composition`s complexity. 

The Crooked Man remixes of Greg Foat`s Psychosynthesis are out now, on Foundation Music.

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