Claremont Editions Volume 3 / Claremont 56

Claremont 56’s third imprint sampler, Editions Volume 3, is a characteristically eclectic collection. The label has never been easily pigeon-holed. Their releases ranging from boogie, to soft rock, folk, and electronica. This showcase is certainly no different. 

Claremont Editions Volume 3

On the one hand, you’ve got the intricate, crystalline, guitar picking of Ferdi Schuster, whose The Fuzz Version is like a plugged-in, more punchy Mike Hedges, or Robbie Basho. A wired Windham Hill. On the other, Conrad McDonnell – of the Idjut Boys – gives Paqua’s 2012 “blue-eyed bossa” classic, The Visitor, a tough techno edge. Even adding a little acid. Taichi Arakawa’s Ocean Sunrise is a woozy, wobbly, robotic river. Many of the tracks shimmy somewhere in between. 

Claremont Editions Volume 3

Hillside, for example, with the aid of label founder Paul Murphy’s production and the outstanding arrangements of Michele Chiavarini, manage to marry opulent disco orchestration with a chugging mid-tempo Ned Doheny-esque groove. Polevault’s fluttering summery, soulful for sure, fills of woodwinds, vibes, strings, brass, and flanged fusion keys, building, symphonically into a real epic. Jype & Renato’s  Va-La-Bas is a similarly mellow, but most definitely moving, jazz-funk mood. As its title suggests, there’s a bit of Brazilian rhyme to its laid back blue-skied scat, provided by guest vocalist Michael T. On Seashore Redemption, Mike Salta & Mortale channel the Batteaux Brothers, and have their funky singer / songwriter folk reborn to a post-Soul II Soul shuffle, like an early `90s remix for Acid Jazz. A Movement 98 sunset serenade, accompanied by 6-string strumming and accordion. 

Claremont Editions Volume 3

Neumayer Station appear twice, and are responsible for the album’s rockiest moments. Crossing comes on – all tremolo twang and dramatic, cinematic tension – like David Lynch’s Wild At Heart set in an Sergio Leone / Ennio Morricone spaghetti western desert. Unterführung is a quality kosmische, cosmic creation, that gives away the group’s roots, in the bands Fursattl and Bambi Davidson. With a sitar shimmer, hushed haunting harmonies, and dope descending bass-line, it sounds like The Doors, Psychic Ills, and Wooden Shjips, shaken, stirred, and put through a dub blender. 

Claremont Editions Volume 3

Claremont Editions Volume 3 is available directly from Claremont 56.

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