2022 / A Few Favourites / Mike Bradbury / Higher Love Recordings

Like Music For Dreams, another label that I’ve been lucky enough to be in close contact with is Brighton’s Higher Love Recordings. The imprint have been super supportive of both Ban Ban Ton Ton and my writing, which is something that I`ll always be grateful for. While considerably younger than MFD, founded only in 2020, Higher Love have had a pretty hectic release rate, clocking up 19 E.P.s and long-players. In 2022, they championed music by Residentes Balearicos, Atlantic Brain, and Jesse Fahnestock’s 10:40. They also curated a second label compilation, and despite prohibitive production hold ups they even managed to press The Attraktors and Jazxing to vinyl. The Perry Granville remix package – which was queued for something horrendous, like 16 months – was one of my Balearic Beats of the year. With a new album good to go from Mass Density Human – a set split 50:50 between atmospheric soundscapes and dance-floor dervishes – here Mike from the label lists a few things that, in 2022, turned them on.


Super selections & wonderful words by Mike Bradbury, of Higher Love Recordings.

Starting with the big tunes that we were lucky enough to play at various festivals this summer, these were huge for us:


The Summerisle Six – This Is Something [Is it Balearic?]

Sean Johnston’s dream team all-star cast produce a cosmic indie dance psyche smash for the ages.

Summerisle Six Cover

Rheinzand – Facciamo L’Amore (Scorpio Twins Remix) [Music For Dreams]

The original is my favourite from the acclaimed album, Atlantis Atlantis, and this remix was stratospheric on the dancefloor.

Facciamo L'Amore (Scorpio Twins Remix)

Crackazat  – Demucha [Heist Recordings]

Some proper driving house music for the “Pitch It Up You Jazzy Cunt” crew.



DJ Pippi & Willie Graff – Follow Your Dreams [Music For Dreams]

From start to finish this album makes me so happy. Sun-drenched slo-mo beats that are so delicious I can actually taste vodka lemon as I’m listening.


Dan Wainwright & Elle Redding – Mother Oak [Our Starry Universe]

Who doesn’t love a good concept album? This blew me away when I first heard it, and I’ve kept going back to it throughout the year. Shroom-tastic.

Elle Redding – Mother Oak

Jazxing – Pearls of the Baltic Sea [Higher Love Recordings]

I’m not going to apologize for including this because I chuffin’ love every single track on it. Catch them live next year lads’n’lasses because these Gdansk beauties are good for the soul.



Kenneth Bager’s Music For Dreams 20 Years: Ibiza Classics

The greatest label in all the land showing off the most ridiculous of back catalogues. What’s not to love?

Music For Dreams 20 Years- Ibiza Classics

NuNorthern Soul 10th Anniversary Vinyl Box Set 

Phil’s NuNorthern Soul had an unbelievable 2022, so much so it was a struggle to keep up with all the beautiful releases. I thought this comp showcased perfectly why the label so loved by so many.

NuNorthern Soul 10th Anniversary

The Chill Out Tent Volume 1

I love the community Chris, Matt, and Steve, have built over the last few years with their incredible Chill Out Tent streaming sessions and festival vibes. This set of exclusives and previously unreleased remixes is a delight from start to finish.

Chillout Tent Volume 1

Colleen Cosmo Murphy’s Balearic Breakfast Vol.1 [Heavenly Recordings]

A collection born out of Colleen’s always tremendous Tuesday morning Worldwide FM radio show, which brings many of our scene’s more recent classic tracks to vinyl for the first time.

Colleen Cosmo Murphy Balearic Breakfast

Higher Love Logo

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