Turner Street Sound / Bunsens Vol 1 / Butter Sessions

Music from Australia that draws on both Techno and Reggae. Setting Detroit-inspired Ambient tones to a variety of tempos. From Hip Hop, to House. From Drum and Bass to Dub. Sampled soundsystem MCs shout for revolution, and sirens sound, but it`s a bit too serene for running street battles. A revolution of the mind maybe.

Subjected to euphoric synth washes, the Drum and Bass tracks, Dunes and Stoned Mix, pay homage to LTJ Bukem`s Looking Good / Good Looking labels. Classics from London party, Speed, by PFM, Adam F, and DJ Trace. More leftfield selections from scene outsiders, like FSOL`s Papua New Guinea and Spring Heel Jacks` Sea Lettuce. Ethereal voices, and flutes half-inched from a Frankie Knuckles Def Mix production, tempering the Amen breaks and Photek-esque sonic Shaolin martial artistry. Glasshouse Mix could be a mid-tempo take on the Samurai-like producer`s T`Raenon.

With The Lot`s Dub is of the “Digi” kind. Snare-rolling and stepping like fellow Antipodean skankers, Andy Rantzen and Sherrif Lindo. Swiss counterpart, Androo. A remix from  Butter Sessions founder, Sleepy D, appropriately slows the track right down. Has it blissfully baked. Drifting in delay.

You can find Butter Sessions on Bandcamp.

Reference Links



Adam F

DJ Trace


Papua New Guinea

Spring Heel Jack

Andy Rantzen

Sheriff Lindo


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