Mix / Chocolate Milk And Brandy / September 2017

Attempting to recreate the golden yesterdays of Jose Padilla`s White Isle sunsets with the tunes of today. 

Real World have reissued Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan`s Mustt Mustt from 1990. Produced by Brian Eno`s mate, Michael Brook. There are uplifting rushes of choir and tabla. And synthesised slide Blues throws together Country and Qawwali in New Age prayer. The first of several vocal showcases that mix tradition with technology. Real World have also made available a vinyl pressing of Ayub Ogada`s En Mana Kuoyo. Originally released in 1993 on CD, the album represents Ogada`s only solo recordings. A magical masterpiece of Kenyan Luo and the eight-stringed Nyatiti. Also getting their first vinyl outing are Harold Budd and John Foxx`s Translucence and Drift Music from 2003. Together with their 2011 collaboration with Ruben Garcia, Nighthawks. All three are sublime studies in late night melancholy. Forged from piano and reverb. Selvagem have started their Selva Discos imprint. With help from Optimo, there was a limited run of Maria Rita`s self-financed 1988 LP, Brasileira. John Gomez included a track on his excellent Outrotempo, but the whole album is beautiful. Legendary Mystic and Laughter Meditation guru, Laraaji, strips Elza Soares, Rio`s Queen Of Samba, back to bare essentials. Blackbush Orchestra do the same on their My People. Colorama`s Carwyn turns in a classy orchestral version of label mate, John Stammers` Waiting Around. Sacha Puttnam applies his strings to a cover of Vangelis` Abraham`s Theme. Further reworked by Bartosz Kruczyński, and the mighty Adrian Sherwood. DK meets SK and SK meets DK on Jonny Nash`s Melody As Truth. Combining the Greek god of film scores` Noir love themes with Detroit Techno ambience. Painting Sci-Fi panoramas. Midnight cityscapes. Scorched deserts. Nummer`s Out Of Darkness sounds like an electrical storm in an alien rainforest. Young Russian composer, Dmitry Evgrafov, also gets cinematic for FatCat`s 130701. Teaming up with Serbian champion of emotive drone and distortion, Abul Mogard. SK, Suzanne Kraft`s, old band, Pharoahs, have a mini-LP ready for International Feel. Invisible Mile is horn-led Post-Rock that borrows from both Tortoise`s TNT and Tones On Tail`s Lions.


Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Sea Of Vapours – Real World

DK & SK – Fade – Melody As Truth

Harold Budd & John Foxx – Implicit – Demon

Harold Budd, John Foxx & Ruben Garcia- When The City Stops For Snow – Demon

Dmitry Evgrafov – Znanie – 130701

Elza Soares – Coraçao Do Mar (Laraaji`s mix) – Mais Um Discos

Sacha Puttnam – Abraham`s Theme (ON-U Sound Dub) – Balearic

John Stammers – Waiting Around (Colorama Remix) – Wonderful Sound

DK & SK – No Man`s Ground – Melody As Truth

Blackbush Orchestra – My People – Beauty And The Beat

Pharoahs – Invisible Mile – International Feel

Ayub Ogada – Kothbiro – Real World

Maria Rita – Lamento Africano – Selva Discos

Nummer – Out Of Darkness – Nummer

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Avenue – Real World

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