B-B-Boogaloo / BBB

This is cute. Brenda Beachball Ray teams up with Bussi Bär. The guy responsible for those cool edits for Salon Des Amateurs a while back.

Bussi gets busy with the beats while Lady Ray does her stuff and flirts with those Balearic militants. Bringing her “particular Pop”. Her “eccentric Roots”. Moments from that “Reggae album Laurie Anderson never made”. Adding out of breath, sultry sighs and melodica to the harp-led skank of Crest Of A Wave. The Morning Music Disco Sleaze of Twistin` Times. Issuing instructions on how to lose your Blues. Dancing barefoot in the sand.

Brenda told me story. About when she sent her mixes to be mastered and cut. The chap assigned the task said he`d never heard anything like it. With everything centrally panned, he`d heard the tracks as mono. Personally, I think all Brenda`s music has a unique “mix down”. It`s one of the things that make releases like Walatta so special. The vocals up close and intimate. Floating above, almost separate from their backing. As if someone is whispering in your ear at a party. When I mentioned this to Brenda, she said,

“Where`s that secret party at?”

B-B-Boogaloo is available on a super limited 7” over at The Growing Bin.  Jiro Bevis steps with some nice artwork. 



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