Leonidas + Kay Suzuki / Synqlock II / Burnin Music Recordings

An E.P. of analogue machine workouts from London-based Leonidas and Kay Suzuki, that fall into that broad category of House / Techno.

Asteroid couples an express train to a b-line that pays homage to Adonis` No Way Back. Its `80s Chicago chassis tempered by more modern melodic lines. Peaks of harmonic interference. A shorter Jackin Acid Dub cuts to the chase. A 303 laser sharp-shooting. Engulfed in a meteor shower of TR-707 handclaps.

Undercurrents is a piece of Detroit-influenced ambience. The same kind of beatless, yet still heart-racing, mood / mind-altering synthesis that characterises Kay`s solo productions. His recent remix of Blackbush Orchestra on Beauty And The Beat, for example. Al Kassin takes the tune out on the floor. In an apparent tribute to mid-90s New York, and the Trance-ier parts of the sets of Danny Tenaglia or Junior Vasquez.

None of this prepares you for Interstellar Meditation. Eleven odd minutes of intense electronics that travel in and out of a remembered storm. A Columbian jungle. Life changing communions with Ayahuasca`s spirit.

If it were a House track – which it isn’t really – it would be Joe Clausell`s Lost Horizons. But it has far more in common with Tangerine Dream`s Sorcerer score, or Black Merlin`s Hypnotik Trades. Winds howl. Sirens sound. Lightning strikes. Rattlesnakes pan from left to right. Clouds rush a midnight sky. The music`s march giving way to calmer weather. Birdsong, moog-like keys, horn-like synths, and tribal shouts. Before heading back out into the Universe.

Artwork is by Amba Sayai-Bennett and you can purchase a copy directly here.

Reference Links


Joe Claussell

Black Merlin

Tangerine Dream

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