Ingleton Falls / Champagne In Mozambique / Isle Of Jura

More Antipodean Dub from the vaults. To join the veteran ranks of Sheriff Lindo, The Hammer, Andy Rantzen, and youngsters such as Len Leise and Turner Street Sound. Originally issued in a limited cassette run in 1993, Isle Of Jura, picked the album up last year. Initially for another run of just 100 tapes, and now on 180g vinyl.

The music is Dub, but it`s Industrial-edged. Its darker leanings betrayed right off the bat by the opening It`s Just A Hobby. Which mixes Front 242-like “Electro” and “found” radio and TV discussions on the subject of Necrophila. A “Funky Alternative” that could have featured on those 400 Blows collated compilations, alongside the likes of Nigel Ayers` Nocturnal Emissions. Mind Yer Head takes snippets from a self-help / mediation / relaxation tape – a la Love Corporation`s Palatial – and surrounds them with New Age synths and chiming guitars. Tiny bells ringing as if installing some subliminal Pavlovian Response. Music-inspired by Rave`s Second Summer Of Love. But intent not on dancing but subverting / radicalising the minds of those zoned and high in Ecstasy`s altered state. Much like The Orb, or Isle Of Jura`s touchstone, The KLF, and Ingelton Falls` now label mates, The Holy Ghost. Psychic TV`s Jack The Tab meets The Aloof`s Never Get Out Of The Boat. Dubweiser / Bandulu`s Greater-Than-One-sampling remix of The Smith`s How Soon Is Now? Jah Wobble bass-lines, hi-jacked movies (I`m sure it`s Sandra Bernhard and King Of Comedy on Possessed), ethereal harmonies and cascading pianos. Something in common with Weatherall`s mates, Blue.

She Felt Love is a New Beat Moroder. Snares crashing like a dominatrix` whip. I Feel Love meets Ministry meets Eno & Byrne`s Jezebel Spirit. ON-U-esque percussion rattling down a dark tunnel. Its echoes phased and in flux. Riding B Dum B Dum`s Midnight Express on a slightly unsettling, narcotic trip. All back to mine. On some South London Estate. Listening to Aleister Crowley records, while a “benevolent” dealer breaks out a sheet of blotter Acid.

You can order a copy of Ingleton Falls` Champagne In Mozambique directly from Isle Of Jura.

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Reference Links

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Aleister Crowley

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