Ripperton / Contrails / ESP Institute 

Ripperton`s Contrails on ESP Institute takes is name from the manmade clouds, the ice crystals that zig-zag our skies. Appropriately it begins with an ascent. A synthesized symphony. A glacial atmosphere, a melancholy glide. 

Barely treated piano, touched by echo and reverb, rides a muted electronic rhythm. A building, low-end hum. Like a storm, emotions, gathering. Cold, sharp, metallic drones. As if its sound design were drawn from a knife being dragged across concrete. Or an expanded view, of a plate glass window exploding, in super slow motion (think Bandulu`s Phase Inversion put under a microscope). Morphing into ecclesiastical organ. The beat, a broken heart. A Sci-Fi score, where chimes chatter, haunting the machine. Melody almost lost in sub-bass rumble. Or ringing, shaking, prettily, in vibrato, to the turn of helicopter rotors. Slow Acid twists. A fat snake of a sine wave. Undulating beneath sleepy morning after bleeps and steel pan tones. 

Central to Contrails is a snatch of spoken word, that intros the track, Love Is Not Enough.  It`s a clip of Harry Dean Stanton’s damaged character, Travis, leaving a recorded message for his estranged son, taken from Wim Wenders` classic, Paris, Texas. Dialogue that expresses a fear of love, a fear that consumes and defines us. 

“I love you more than my life.”

Kosmische sequences are kept in check by a metronome`s tick. Creating a tribal hush. The effect like a Chicago House track jacking subliminally from deep within the void of Tangerine Dream`s Zeit. Strings sing like monks in prayer. Brass is caught in looped mechanics. It closes with a wall of beautiful Shoegaze noise. Whispers cutting through a static of infinite detail.

You can order a copy of Ripperton`s Contrails directly from ESP Institute. 

Reference Links 

An Ascent

Bandulu`s Phase Inversion

Slow Acid twists

Sleepy morning after bleeps

Paris, Texas

Tangerine Dream`s Zeit

Looped mechanics

Beautiful Shoegaze noise

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