Young Marco / Bahasa / Island Of The Gods

Young Marco`s addition to Island Of The Gods` Island Explorer Series is far less of a long journey into night than its predecessors. The volumes by George Thompson AKA Black Merlin, and Melody As Truth`s Jonny Nash, partnered with Firecracker`s Lindsay Todd, were / are sometimes intense trips. Psychedelic full-moon “parties” that draw the listener into a heart of darkness, and out the other side. Processing wildlife and waterfalls, tuk-tuks and motorbikes, incantation and prayer, into modern shaman rituals. Like a hit of sonic DMT. In contrast, Marco`s Bahasa feels more like the clarity experienced post altered state. The dawning of the morning after. Consciousness cleansed and raised. Calm and full of light. As a consequence, the record is more accessible. This one`s not only for the heads. 

The background bustle – the field-recorded street noise, bazaar colour, faulty ignitions, crowing cocks, and market stall transactions – of George’s Hypnotik Tradisi is gone. The shouts of farm workers. A cacophony of frogs, all looking for a mate. Marco taming the chaos, creating his own language, and instead transforming the temple chants, and ceremonial ringing, percussive rattle, of gamelan bowls, of iron and of wood, into melodies perhaps more recognizably “religious” to Western ears. Metallic microtones become “Celestial” harmonies. Synthesized New Age sighs, and voice-like sonorities. Looped choirs of ethereal goddesses segueing with the sampled landscape of the Indonesian archipelago. Gili Island surf, rolling and crashing. Twilight stars blinking. Sunset marked by a Kecak Fire Dance. Aching guitar notes in with the gongs and finger cymbals of Uluwatu. The playing of gamelan master, the late Ketut Gantas. The combination of Kosmische machines and Folky flute on Looking Back recalls Serge Bulot`s prophetic Les Légendes De Brocéliande (reissued last year by Camisole). Bahasa slotting right into the canon of “Visionary Music Of Continental Europe” collected on Light In The Attic`s The Microcosm.   

Rhythms are a gentle, lapping tide of sleepy “tick tick tock”. The muted bass thud of a distant drum. Ubud`s Kempul, Bonang, and bamboo. The song sometimes shaken. The effect like Tuvan throat-singing. 

Chimes echo Richard Wahnfried`s Cafe Del Mar classic, Grandma`s Clockwork. Angels whisper wordless, vapour-like lullabies in comforting keys. 

You can order a copy of Young Marco`s Bahasa directly from Island Of The Gods.

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