Señora / Fosil / Lurid Records

Señora`s new opulent double LP set for Lurid Records, Fosil, is a dark electronic journey – where the beats are less balearic, more Valencia`s La Ruta, or Ghent`s Boccaccio. Harder but not necessarily faster. Building from a collage of machine and machined voices, myriad tongues bent slightly sinister – whispers, hums, and sad singing synths – to definite dancers, and a more pronounced bounce, before returning back to an final atmospheric Two Lone Swordsmen-esque score of slithering SFX and jazz cymbals. Sashaying from the somnambulant, slightly acidic shuffle of Antropoceno – whose Lynch / Badalamenti tremolo twang recalls a wonky retelling of Chris Issak`s Wicked Game – to the italo arpeggios of El Ultimo Discurso. A disco dancehall haunted by disembodied spectres and punctuated by 9 O`Clock drops of backwards guitar. Whose deep drone drives a march through the bush of ghosts, urged on by gospel handclaps and timbale rattle. In between taking in twisted lysergic grinds – full of mercurial metallic detail – and icy Ai-age (un)easy-listening – coloured by glitched glissandos. Found sounds hiding, stealth-camouflaged in the mix. Church bells, footsteps, theremins, Tesla coil sparks, possibly zithers, traditional ancient instruments, and gated Gregorian chant, all battling beneath a heartbeat-like bass. Constructing an obsidian mid-tempo trance dance, not unlike that of sometime label mate Angelo Baltas` Anatolian Weapons. At its peak on the novo new beat delirium of tracks such as Papaver Somiferum. 

Senora - Fosil

Señora`s Fosil is released on November 11th by Lurid Records. Pre-orders are up over at Bandcamp. 

Reference Links
Two Lone Swordsmen
Wicked Game
9 O`Clock Drop

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