Manu Archeo’s “Mad” “Best Of 2022” List 

Many of you may know Manu, the founder of Italian imprint, Archeo Recordings. When he sent me his mad, absolutely bonkers, “Best of 2022” list, I was thinking “Fuck me, mate. If that’s your favourites, how much music did you actually buy?” I was initially considering asking him to cut it down, so that I could easily format and illustrate it, but then you’d miss the point. When I say “mad”, I mean it in the nicest possible way – i.e. mad enthusiastic, mad passionate about music. Manu, please don’t ever change. 

Super selections by Daniele-Manuel “Manu” Dallerba, of Archeo Recordings.

Archeo Recordings logo

TOP 12s

Bottin & Lucio Dalla / Lunedì Cinema / Archeo Recordings

The World Is Sound / Imaginaria

LOVA / Gypsophila Remixes E.P. / NuNorthernSoul

Feel Fly / Sacrificio / New Interplanetary Melodies

Feel Fly / Cosmo Cosmo / Internasjonal

Feel Fly / Mediterranean Dreams – Part 1 & 2 / International Feel Recordings

Expositions / Energía Mística (Remixes) / Balearic Social Records

Haners /  Edits 3 / Misadventures

Alex Kassian / Strings Of Eden / Pinchy & Friends

Cabaret Du Ciel / The Breath of Infinity Rmxs 2 / Altrimenti Records

Cantoma / Alive (Conrad McDonnell Remixes) / Highwood Recordings

Flavio Vecchi / Work It / Fuckthegovernment

Miro / Passion Night / Disco Segreta

The Vendetta Suite / The Kempe Stone Portal Remixes / Hell Yeah Recordings

King Sporty & The Extras / Do You Wanna Dance? / Emotional Rescue

Bianca / Tabu / NuNorthernSoul

Azura / Theme From Azura / World Building

Theme From Azura

TOP 45s

Tonica & Dominante / Tigre / Gennarino ‘O Sioux / Archeo Recordings

Ghia / At The Hilton / The Outer Edge

Staalfagel / Utan Rymddrakt Pa Uranus (Gary The Tall Mix) / Emotional Rescue

Staalfagel : Utan Rymddrakt Pa Uranus

TOP 10s

A.B. Crentsil’s Ahenfo Band / Obi Baa Wiase / Hot Mule & Secousse

A.B. Crentsil Ahenfo Band


Ocean Moon / Music For Vibraphone & Tape / Golden Ratio Frequencies

Ocean Moon : Music For Vibraphone & Tape


Cantoma / To The Sea (Hear & Now Remix) / Highwood Recordings

Two Ends  / Frame Of Mind (LOVA Eivissa Flight Remix) / Shades Of Sound Recordings

LOVA / Elusive Realities / Balearic Ensemble

La Guardia de la Luz / Kingston Technologies / Hell Yeah Recordings

Clive From Accounts / Alan E.P. / Income Trax

Mark Barrott / 蒸発 = Jōhatsu

Hillside / For Daniel (Bosq Remix) / Claremont 56

Bison / Soup Fiction (Lexx’s Dubs) / Claremont 56

Bison : Soup Fiction (Lexx's Dub)


Chris Coco / The Chillout Tent Vol. 1 / DSPPR

Chillout Tent Volume 1


Cratere Centrale / Cratere Centrale / Roots Underground Records

Seahawks / Infinite Echo / Cascine

Hubbabubbaklubb / Drømmen Drømmerne Drømmer Remixed / Snorkel Records

Calm / Before / Hell Yeah Recordings

Tosca / Osam / !K7 Records

Kraftwerk / Remixes / Kling Klang and Parlophone

Strata-Gemma / Radamanto / New Interplanetary Melodies



Claremont Editions Vol. 3 / Claremont 56

Charles Bals & Henry Jones / America Dream Reserve / Smiling C

Anime & Manga Synth Pop Soundtracks 1984-1990 / Time Capsule

Matt Sewell / A Crushing Glow Volume 2 / Caroline True Records

Colleen Cosmo Murphy / Balearic Breakfast Vol. 1 / Heavenly Recordings

La Torre Ibiza: Volumen Quatro / Hostal La Torre Recordings

Paisa Got Soul: Soul AOR & Disco In Italy 1977-1986 / Four Flies Records

Leva Leva : Litany of the Portuguese Fishermen / FLEE

Leva Leva - Litany of the Portuguese Fishermen


Fabio Liberatori / Acqua E Sapone / Beat Records Company

Enzo Carella / Ahoh Yé Nanà / Sony

Guido & Maurizio De Angelis / Banana Joe / Beat Records Company

Ozric Tentacles / The Floor’s Too Far Away / Cleopatra

Ozric Tentacles / Trees Of Eternity / Kscope

C.S.I. / Noi Non Ci Saremo / Universal

World Standard / World Standard / HMV Japan

Hiroshi II Hiroshi Vol. 1 / Lawson Entertainment Japan

Ecstasy Boys / Moon Dance / Amidst

TV Eyes / Movin’ Yourself / White Satellite

Haruomi Hosono / Paraiso / Sony Japan

Lykke Li / I Follow Rivers / Groovin Recordings

Piscine Et Charles / Quart De Tour Mon Amour / Les Disques Du Crépuscule

Michael Jackson / Thriller (40th Anniversary Edition) / Sony

Don Carlos / Aqua / Irma Records

Giuliano Sorgini / Zoo Folle (Extended) / Four Flies

Monica Rypma / Classifieds / BBE

Monica Rypma - Classifieds

All the best and a marvelous 2023!!!

For Ban Ban Ton Ton, the new year starts here…

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